Managerial Background of Mr. Mahmoud heydari



Mr. Engineer Mahmoud Heydari, CEO of the Central Union of Rural and Agricultural Cooperatives of Iran, CEO of the Livestock Farmers Union, CEO of the Rural Cooperative Union of Malair County, CEO of the Rural Cooperative Union of Tehran Province


Introducing Union Services
 Activities of Central Union of Rural cooperatives and Agriculture of Iran 
The Central Union covers 2 rural cooperatives and about 20 million villagers in the country. 10,000 stores consuming 1,000 fuel supply stations and 5.4 million producers with members of the Ham'iti family and 11 rural and agricultural cooperatives of Iran in their subsidiary 31 provincial union 301 county unions and 846
  Aida Food Industry Complex
 Shahid Rajaee Agro-Industry Co.
 Jiroft Agro-Industry Co.
 Agricultural Products Exchange Brokerage Company
 Navid Bar Agricultural Transportation Company 
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